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 Here you’ll discover my world of movement, energy, and animal communication.

A few words on my journey here:

I was fortunate to have a rewarding and varied career, but well-being was all too often a lower priority.  I then experienced some health problems which led me back to my to my childhood passion of dance.  I wanted to bring the joy of movement back into my life.  I then discovered that energy techniques such as Reiki brought me more balance, well-being, inner peace, and most of all, more life energy.

 In reconnecting to my body through movement, and in practicing Reiki, I achieved an increasing level of well-being.  I felt that I had become better at handling stress and other day-to-day concerns.

I’ve also always felt very close to animals.  I’ve even met some with which I felt very in-tune, and which inspired me. I spoke with them, like many people do … but I never expected that one day I would understand what they were saying in return, and help them communicate with others!  It all came together in 2015, after I visited an elephant reserve in Thailand: when I returned to France, I received formal training in animal communication.  I have since engaged in dozens of communication sessions with animals, and each time has been a different and touching encounter.

Over time, these activities have transformed my passion into my career.  Today I am happy to share something that has enabled me to achieve more joy, more strength, and greater depth in my life!

 I am passionate about working with people who wish to reconnect to that spark of joy in life, whether it be through movement and dance, through energy techniques, or through communicating with animals.

 I feel that everyone can find their sense of wonder, joy, and levity. Through my work, I guide people to be more mindful and present. I help them to tap a source of inner energy and body wisdom in order to handle the stress of daily life.

Does that sound like you? Please contact me to begin your journey.

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