•  Would you like to be more active?

 Do you want to boost your self- confidence or release pent-up stress?

 Are you looking for a playful activity to release your inner child?

 Would you like to feel a stronger connection to your body?

 Or maybe you just simply want to dance?

  => You’ve come to the right place!

I offer courses (1 hour) and themed workshops (90 minutes, 2 hours, or 3 hours) open to anyone who wants to build their self-confidence, feel at home in their body, and experience the joy of movement.

 For attendees, I create a space of kindness and freedom to help them explore, find, and play with movement.  A space where the most experienced dancers can move side-by-side with newcomers, in complete harmony, sharing, and mutual enrichment.  A space where joy and all other emotions are welcome.  A space to have fun, to create a dance that makes you feel good inside, to feel comfortable with your body. A space to find your vitality, to form connections, to reconnect to your body’s sensations and its limits.  A space where you dare to dance your own dance in a group setting, in complete freedom, and to your own rhythm.  A sacred creative Space.

Numerous studies show the benefits dance brings to physical, emotional, and mental health.  To dance is to heal, to feel the energy flow through you, to reawaken joy… Dancing nourishes the body and the soul.

I teach the NIAtechnique, which combines choreographed movements and free dance.  It is inspired by the martial arts, yoga, and dance.  All of these come together in a respectful, judgement-free space, accessible to everyone and without prerequisites.  Nia is a method of well-being and of holistic fitness which addresses the body, the emotions, and the spirit of all participants.

 Participants dance barefoot, to a variety of music.  Everyone moves according to their own rhythm.  The dance steps are simple and accessible. If you’re more athletic, you have the space to express yourself at full intensity; and on the other hand, if you are tired or have health concerns, you can dance in the same class slowly and peacefully.

That’s the magic of Nia! Everyone finds their own path

The origin of Nia, in a few words

Nia was created in the US in the 1980s by Debbie and Carlos Rosas.  It was born in response to the damaging effects of aerobic exercise, which was very popular at the time. (Aerobic exercise’s high-impact activities led to a number of injuries and cases of tendonitis.)

 Nia is a form of sensory body expression.  It draws inspiration from the martial arts, dance, and body awareness (such as yoga, the Feldenkrais Method, and the Alexander Technique).  Nia is based on respect for one’s body, and it adapts to everyone’s needs and abilities by connecting the body, mind, and emotions. 

Multiple Benefits

Nia benefits your entire body and helps you find pleasure in movement. After just one session, people feel rejuvenated, more confident, and comfortable with their body.  They are anchored, relaxed, and self-assured.  Most of all, they feel balanced, light, and clear-headed.

Find out for yourself !

My Vision

I explore movement.  I’ve performed classical dance, Latin dance, and flamenco, and I’ve also practiced the martial arts.  These days, I serve as a certified Nia « Blue Belt » instructor .  I have always been interested in the (sometimes complex!) relationship that we have with our bodies.  For me, the body is an extraordinary vehicle of self-expression, but one that often takes time to learn.  It all depends on our personal history. We just have to find a way to reconnect to our bodies and, most of all, to do this at our own pace.  Thanks to Nia, I invite participants to improve how they listen to their bodies, in search of those sensations that are brought about through movement.

My goal is to help everyone regain the pleasure and joy of movement.The deep, authentic joy of a child leaping into puddles. 
The joy that connects us all to ourselves.

Registering as an individual? 
You’ll find all of the course and workshop dates under the « Events » section, below.

Nia Classes in Sud-Vienne

Back to Nia on Sept. 9th ! 

Wed. 6:15pm – Montmorillon (MJC)
Thursday 6:30pm – Journet (Salle des Fêtes)
Friday 10:30 – Montmorillon (MJC)
Friday 6:30pm – Haims (Salle des Fêtes)

Open to everyone.  Be inspired to find (or, regain!) the joy of movement.  Come and try with relatives or friends !
let’s have fun

Themed Nia Workshop

In this group setting, taste the freedom of dancing, and explore your creativity in a space of kindness and joy.  Beginners are always welcome!  We have a different theme each month.  (run time: 2 hours)

Day of Dance with your Spirit Animal

An intense, meditative journey to find your spirit animal.  This workshop is open to everyone.  (Workshop is co-hosted by Vanessa Demouy.)


One-hour course : 1 term : 80€ / 5 class pass : 45€ ( 2 months validity)

Workshops in Paris Area (2-3 hours) : 35€

Services for businesses

Are you looking for a personalized experience for your teams?  Please contact me so we can discuss how I can create a tailored program or an employee retreat around team-building and stress-relief.





« Thank you again for this beautiful moment of relaxation and sense of self-discovery. I feel very much at ease and in tune with myself. Release, relaxation, and joy.

[Nia with Nadine] brings me such joy. It’s a feeling of freedom in my body, and in a beautiful atmosphere. »



« NIA is a special moment that is available to everyone, regardless of their dance skills.  It is a state of well-being and pure joy, a way to anchor your body through simple movements. »



« Thank you Nadine, for your Nia class. I found it very moving.  To reconnect with my body, music, and dance is truly precious. Stress relief, with joy of mind and body. I feel so much lighter in my life. »



« I spent three hours a month with Nadine over the course of a year, and I still want more.  I’ve started this year with the joy, good moods, and well-being.  Don’t wait to see her; Nadine is brilliant! »



« Nadine radiates with energy that she shares with such kindness! Good times and well-being, guaranteed. »

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