Soul to Soul Communication

  • Do you love your pets and want to understand them better?
  • Do they have behavioural issues, and you’ve tried everything else to help them?
  • Do you want to know what your animal companion is thinking?
  • Would you like to understand what works best in terms of their care and feeding?
  • Do you want to know whether your pets get on well with other animals and people?
  • Do you ask yourself whether your pets are happy, or in pain?


All of this is possible with soul to soul communication

Just imagine all of the love your pets express for you, and the messages they share!  You can make their life easier and avoid needless stress by letting them know about an upcoming move, a vacation, a vet visit, an absence …

 Thanks to communication, your loving bond with your pets will become so much stronger!

How does it work?

Through deep meditation, I can communicate with your pets on a spiritual level and serve as an interpreter.  I ask your questions and share your messages, and then I make note of their responses in return.  I send all of this to you in a report you all of this in an e-mail so that you have a written record of these interactions.

What they have to say to us : a message from Gédéon 

« All of the attention you have for yourself is precious. It increases the love that you experience for yourself, for others, and for the universe.

Humans often have insufficient love for themselves and that can wear down the harmony that helps us peacefully live together. Feeling at peace starts with feeling love for yourself, then the love inside you spreads to the world around you… »

My vision

I trained in interspecies communication with Vanessa Demouy in 2015. I have since communicated with several dozen animals of all kinds: wild and domesticated, from cats to elephants, crows, rabbits, parrots, whales, horses and even with people who are unable to speak.

 Being an animal ambassador brings me so much joy, especially when I witness a person’s emotions as they discover the boundless love their pets feel for them, and the messages of wisdom that their pets have to share.

To put animals’ messages into words, whatever they may be, allows me to participate in a worldwide effort of raising awareness. We incorrectly believe ourselves to be disconnected from our environment — the earth, other animals, the trees — and we also believe that we can dominate them and control them through our advanced technology.  By communicating with animals and transmitting their messages, I open a door to a shared consciousness in which we are all interconnected.

Finally, communicating with animals allows me to bring them back to their proper place in our lives.  Once you understand the beauty and wisdom of what they have to say, it’s difficult to treat them as livestock, beasts of burden, or simple companions.  As such, we can consider their proper role as dignified beings worthy of respect and love, on the same level as other living beings.


Communication: 60€ via Paypal or here.

Discounts may be available for sessions with multiple animals

Training in « soul to soul » communication

I also offer English-language training in soul-to-soul communication.  Training is available in-person or from afar, and runs a total of seven hours.

* In-person training is the ideal route and lasts for one day in Paris or in Haims, France.

* Distance training takes place through Zoom.  In this case, I adapt to your schedule. (For example, we can hold two sessions of 4 hours each.)

The fee is 200(of which 50is donated to an animal welfare organization or a charity for disabled people).

I can travel to your location for group training (ten people minimum).  Please send me an e-mail for more information.

Having completed your training, you will be able to communicate with any living being.  You are also welcome to hone your new skill in group workshops.  Each two-hour event is based on a theme, such as health, deceased animals, or wild animals.  The group setting helps you to exchange ideas with others and build your confidence. (30)  Register here.


For all communication requests, please send me a photo of your pet and a list of questions.
I can help you shape the questions, if need be.


I also host small-group training for « Soul to Soul » communication.  Please contact me for the next session dates.

Next Remote Training Session : new date coming soon



Laure B. -- Paris (translated from French)

« THANK YOU so much.  I feel so full of love for my cat, and so touched by his messages.  I am so moved, and happy that he is a part of my life.  The entire pet communication experience speaks to me and resonates very deep inside me. I can’t wait to see him tonight. He is always on my mind.  I am surprised by the power and accuracy of this communication.  Our animals really have a lot to teach us. »



Annabel F. -- Paris (translated from French)

« I noticed some odd behaviours in my eight-year-old cat. I felt that she was trying to tell me something, or trying to get me to understand something, and I became very concerned: is it a health problem? Is she alright?
I sent a photo and my questions to Nadine, so that she could communicate with my cat. And I was so touched by her response.  Nadine offered thoughtful and delicate words about what I was feeling, and she gave me answers.  Since then I’ve felt a much stronger connection and bond with Ninette. And best of all, she no longer urinates on the bed!  I didn’t know about this experience of animal communication before. Now, a new world is open to me.

Thank you, Nadine! »


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